That’s how many of us were in the lift when it got STUCK. Unlucky number indeed! On my last day of work too!

This is the first time I’ve ever been stuck in a lift. W and K were with me, and FX was in the lift too. K was saying that now we can cross off being stuck in a lift as one of the things to do before kicking the bucket. My reaction was HUH, why would that be on ANYONE’S list of things to do! LOL. Thankfully the lights and fan were still on so it wasn’t really a bad experience. There was a kind of ‘camaraderie in crisis’ thing going on, and this stranger in the lift was giving me advice about Bali and everything. Quite amusing. A complete 180 from the usual stiff stand-offishness of lift interaction in Singapore. LOL.

And, getting stuck in the lift proved that the iPhone is indeed powerful. It was mostly those with iPhones that had one measly, but extremely valuable, bar of reception! Woohoo!


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