I feel very lacking in thoughts recently.

After the grueling wake at 9 – work – lunch – work – exercise – dinner – work – sleep – repeat routine of the past three weeks, and a similar routine starting at 6.50am in the morning for the three weeks before that, I’m a bit at a loss as to what to do with myself now that there’s nothing on my plate.

I’m not complaining about free time. I’m just… bowled over by the newness of this whole I’M FREE thing. I somehow feel guilty after having written absolutely nothing at the end of the day. Goodness me. I almost wish I was working again. Almost, but not quite. ;p

I’ve been indulging in Enid Blyton. Woohoo. It’s nice to sit back and be able to read things that do not have to do with law, and do not require undivided concentration to understand. I should stop slacking off with my childhood loves, however, and get cracking on planning the family holiday, finishing up the garden and designing/buying the furniture for the living room. Before Nina gets here, so I can actually invite her to sit on a sofa. HAHAHAHA. If not she can sit on Pootpoot. :D



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7 responses to “airheaded.

  1. nina

    nevermind, i can sit on you ^^

  2. joanna

    eh eh i want to see your new garden too!!

  3. Cheesie

    what is.. pootpoot? It sounds.. dubious.

    I hope its not your toyboy.

    He should be called something else if it is.


  4. joanna


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