atas much?!

I chased my stupid dog all over the house yesterday trying to get him to take his medicine. He turned up his nose at President’s Emmental Cheese!! WHALAO! (Usually we wrap the medicine up in cheese. Think ravioli or wonton. He refuses to eat Cheddar anymore, which is why we go with Emmental.)

I went to cut slices of Camembert to press the medicine into. Even then I had to wave it around his nose going, “You know you waaaaant it!!” before he finally ate it! This dog arh!!! I quote Mr Mercedes, “Qi you ci li!”



Filed under family, random rants, riddikulus

6 responses to “atas much?!

  1. Caits

    Thank you for that lovely, albeit short lunch. See you soon! Jia you with research. =) hees.

    • rachel

      oyes the lunch was lovely. ;D see you sooooon! eh btw how about meeting brudder for lunch instead? i really dunch think i can make dinner.

  2. Caits

    Sure lunch is fine with me, but it’d have to be like short. =)

  3. joanna

    AHHAH your dog!!!!!

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