Reading my husband’s blog makes me realise HOW MUCH I MISS HER and HOW MUCH I WANT TO SEE HER when she gets back this June!

MAN I really need to finish my research on time so I can go gallivanting around town with her!! 

And if you’re reading this, husband dearest, I’m still very sorry that I had to divorce you on Facebook. Too many people were getting the wrong idea about the way I swung. GRINS. 


Anyway, manymany things are irritating the hell out of me right now. Things that should not feature so importantly in my landscape but are bothering me nevertheless. Urgh! And defining pornography is an uphill climb!! I don’t think I can get all 5 chapters done in 3 weeks man. More like 5 at least. grrrrrrrrr.


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One response to “chichi!!!

  1. ex-hubbie

    haha! mom hasn’t bought tickets yet, i’m asking her everyday. (But i do have enough $$ to buy them myself if i get impatient O_o)

    will see you soon!!

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