i wonder…

why Sangi and I are so totally NON about boys.

But! There was a cute dude at House ytd. My theory is that they plant all the pretty ones at the door, and the less pretty ones serve inside. HAHAHA. Reel u in with cute bait yes. How very diabolical. I likes. Mwahhahahahah.


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3 responses to “i wonder…

  1. Kayleen

    ummmmmmmm i love boys lol wuts not to like who cares if theyre ugly its inner beauty that matters i mean didnt you learn that in kindergarten jeez sorry if i sound mean im just making my point for goodness sake my boy friend is a boy and no offense hes not attractive at all but hes the nicest guy i know haha

    Live, Laugh, Love…

  2. your *ex*wife

    what’s this new language, it has no punctuation! haha!

    what is NON? Never openly nibble?

    haha. it’s great that they put the pretties outside. that way we can look for free, yes?


  3. rachel

    lolz i have no idea either. HAHAHA.

    non is like, bochup. like totally cannot be bothered. grins. i like never openly nibble better though! but how to nibble without pple noticing. peeyooo!

    oyes when u come back we must go have free looks too. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

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