i should be sleeping.

But I just went for a run so I’m still sweating. And everyone knows you can’t sleep when you’re sweating.

So ends my 7th day of work.

It’s been pretty great so far; haven’t had to OT as much as in my previous one.The work is somewhat less interesting than those in my prev internships (mainly because I don’t like bundling), but I’ll live. My mentor’s very nice to me (actually I realise I’ve been really lucky to have nice mentors so far) so I have very little to complain about. :) 
(Well okay I could complain to you for hours on end about how difficult this memo was to write because I kept thinking another principle of law applied instead and how rationalising the two concepts was pure hell, but you know, these little incidentals… ;p)

I received postcards from Brudder and V that arrived on the same day (yesterday)! LOL.
Totally made my day man. Especially Brudder’s, with its twisted gun. I WANT that gun. HAHAHA. Maximillian Montgomery Mercedes dropped me a nonsense sms insinuating that he had kidnapped pootpoot after I told him I was only free to meet up next next week. HAHA. I have missed u Mr Mercedes! I want my souvenir!! ;D


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  1. Caits

    Why you want gun you are already rachel GAN.

    Jia you with your internship! =)

    I am currently languishing in the depths of cases that have the same names. how confusing. and I’m 100% sure you know what I mean.

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