too much excitement is not a good thing.

So excited was I to get rid of all the stress symbols decorating my study room – the 11 THICK books I borrowed from the library for DR, my HRA take home exam and some application forms – that I left my matric card in the library.

What to do, when you’re whooping for joy inside but can’t leap up and down ecstatically for fear of looking like an escaped IMH patient, the heady-ness makes you absent minded. 

Or, maybe it’s just me. Four down and one to go! Hope I can finish studying for fam!! 
If I do, that’d actually be a first. I wonder if any law student really walks into the exam hall thinking, yes, I’ve covered everything and I’m totally confident about this paper. ;p


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2 responses to “too much excitement is not a good thing.

  1. thejourneywithnoend

    I have not been through this exam but, know many that have and if you go in thinking ur ready…that has to be impossible!

    Love ur fall of man with the Apple!

  2. rachel

    thanks!! ;D i found the pic on banksy’s site. u should check it out – it’s pretty cool!

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