shopping deprived.

I have realised an interesting thing about myself.

I tend to not see people around in school or in Orchard etc because I look at what people are wearing rather than at their faces. Unless I’m looking for someone. LOL. Materialism at work, wot?

I made this discovery a few days ago when I was walking toward my car at the secret carpark. D was walking towards me and the road is pretty damn small, so it’s not that I didn’t notice that there was a person walking towards me. I was aware of what he was wearing (I can still remember clearly what it looked like actually), but my mind never thought to move up beyond the outfit to look at the face. So when he waved to me I was super surprised and went “Eh! Hi!”

True blue pinkbrained shopper I am. I need to look at people’s faces more and not at their clothes!



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2 responses to “shopping deprived.

  1. Caits

    Nvm la, not as if you are looking at their boobs. Tee hee hee.

  2. rachel

    LOL me no colour wolf

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