rain, rain, go away.

Media law is draining the life out of me. 
The feeling of panic sets in the moment I wake up.

I think I might have picked the wrong question; I HATE having to analyse cases!!! Maybe I should have done the third question instead. The readings may be slightly more but at least they’re mostly articles. Debunking an author is so much more interesting than poring through cases line by line. I’ll be doing enough of that in practice, thank you; I want to do other things in the last years of academia!! 

But anyway it’s too late to change. The good thing is that I should be able to dash through the remaining cases by tonight and start writing tomorrow. I think?

I want these hellweeks to GO AWAY.

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One response to “rain, rain, go away.

  1. Caits

    All’s well that ends well.

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