yay me.

Finally submitted my HRA assignment. I’m not even sure if I made sense, but I’m hoping I did. :p

Today was a nice end to Hellweek Part 1. I still have a caffeine+stress headache, but I’m feeling relaxed.
Dinner, shopping and catching up with Mr Back-For-A-Month makes Rachel a happy girl. :)) It’s nice to know that despite the distance, we’re still best friends through and through.

Of course, Rachel would be a happier girl if Hellweeks Part 2, 3, 4 and 5 would also magically vanish. :p

My schedule as it stands now:
Hellweek Part 2: 1 week for Media Law’s 100%, 6000 words w footnotes + HRA presentation (which is ungraded, URGH as if I don’t have enough to worry about already!!!)
Hellweek Part 3: 3 weeks for DR, 8000 words w/o footnotes
Hellweek Part 4: 1 1/2 weeks for HRA’s 70%, word count unknown. I’m guessing 6000 w footnotes. :(
Hellweek Part 5: Chiong family law in study break!!!!

I have never been so short of time. :( Where did all of it go? 

P.S. Note to self: NEVER take on 4 research papers in a semester ever again!!!!


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  1. Caits

    JIA YOU JIA YOU!!!! This is what we live for.

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