Human rights is going nowhere.
I can’t wait for our trip to the lands of sushi, bulgogi and onsen.

And, here’s a treat for my fellow sufferers under this heinous regime of endless assignments, incomprehensible readings and impossible exams. (Yes when I’m bored I go looking for pretty people to look at. Obviously my need to look at pretty people cannot be satisfied by looking in the mirror.)

For the ladies:

shirota yuu 1




If I had anything to say about it, I’d want to look like this:


Minus the blond hair. :D



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4 responses to “stressed!

  1. Caits

    The girl very normal I think.

    If I was a guy I want to look like Daniel Wu. Woo hoo!

    If I was a girl I want to look like Ponyo.


  2. rachel

    ponyo is how abnormal. hahahahhh. yes i will jia you! in all senses of the word! u jiayou too!!!

  3. zz

    haha no the gal is like how chio can. damn cute la.

  4. Caits

    I just realised I typed “if I was a girl”! Wah! If I am not a girl nor a boy then what am I huhhh. Brain not working.

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