oscar the garbage man.

or not. 

because i am taking a break from HRA, here’s a rundown of oscar’s hits and misses.

Evan Rachel Wood was stunning in Elie Saab, has my vote for Best Dressed:


These others also rocked it:


Orchid and strappy gunmetal silver = win.


Ruched, understated fishtail gown: also win!


I barely even noticed James Franco, his date’s dress was so gorgeous. The dress would probably have been more outstanding in white.


It’s hard to dress well when you’re a big girl, but Queen Latifah proves to all us large ladies that we can still work it!

oscars-marion-cotillardUsually shiny and gauzy couple to make one look like a circus, but Marion Cotillard pulled it off beautifully.

Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad…

These Disney stars spared neither fish nor fowl for their dresses:


Fashion Faux Pas:

fail-jolieHello Morticia.

fail-mary-hartMaking dresses from curtains was cute in Enchanted but really doesn’t have the same charm on the red carpet.

fail-penelope-cruz1‘Scuse me miss, are you lost? The altar’s that way.

fail-jessica-bielTwo words. Fabric diarrhoea.


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