hair, boys and fakeup.

1. Hair
I love Paul Mitchell’s extra body shampoo. Half the price of JF Lazartigue, and does the job equally well (if not better!)

2. Boys
Thank goodness for cute Japanese and Korean boys. Life in Singapore would be tragically boring otherwise. :p

3. Fakeup
STAY AWAY from BRTC’s Gold Caviar BB Cream. Gave me two frigging pimples (which I have since exfoliated away with a mask). Urghhhhh.



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5 responses to “hair, boys and fakeup.

  1. The Cousin.

    I’m using the 3action super BB cream. Girlf got one for me from korea.

  2. rachel

    is it good? i tried the jasmine water one today. not bad!

  3. rachel

    wait 3 action is the coogi one right?!

  4. the husband

    1. Paul Mitchell does martial arts too! They were advertising hair products as Mixed Martial Arts US Open haha!

    2. … and hunky bodies!

    3. so… how do you exfoliate with a mask? teach me your womanly ways!

  5. rachel

    omg are u serious about the martial arts thing? what does hair have to do with martial arts?!?!?!?! or hunky bodies?!!

    exfoliating with a mask is very seemple. u take mask, spread all over on face, look like a kok for 20min, and then tissue and wash it all off! :D

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