I am completely exhausted. I don’t even remember the last time I didn’t wake up with a slight pressure on my temples. Doing internships directly after exams is an extremely bad idea, especially in the wake of the many crises that have rocked our family of late.

Which is probably why when my mentor’s associate asked me what I was planning for my birthday, I was like, “I dunno. Slack maybe? That would be nice.” 

I could even forget that today’s my 21st birthday, if not for my dear wonderful friends and family who insist that despite it all, I have got to have my day. 

Thank you, everyone, and see you later at the Bistro. I promise I will look less tired today. :)



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4 responses to “thankful.

  1. onewormtoomany

    your mum was so shocked.
    she asked about food, i said it was okay only.
    then i felt guilty.

    she must have spent a bomb.

  2. rachel

    no lah she was shocked cuz everyone said the food was damn good! lol. i’ve eaten there before and i like the food!!!

  3. onewormtoomany

    oopsy, my bad. i was sick. maybe it was that. then again, i didn’t enjoy the variety. the pizzas were cold. and the waiter behind the bar spoilt it the moment i stepped in. he tried on some terrible pick up lines.

  4. rachel

    hahahahahahahha why am i not surprised?

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