i like ta move it move it.

Things I am GOING TO DO after this HELL is finally over on Saturday:

1. Do my hair
2. Movie marathon!!! Madagascar 2 & Rabbit Without Ears!
3. Stroll along Orchard Road
4. Buy Brisingr and spend a nice day by the pool reading it
5. Swim
6. Find a flute teacher
7. Settle the living room/dining room designs
8. Settle the landscaping designs for the garden
9. Go piano hunting
10. Walk dogs with Maximilian Montgomery Mercedes before he heads off for exchange 
11. Plan the 2 parties
12. Music score hunting in the Esplanade library
13. Start on my writing projects
14. Re-read Harry Potter!
15. Watch the Ocean’s trilogy
16. Watch Disney movies nonstop
17. Cycle to my reflection spot which has not seen my bum in 3 months
18. Go for confession
19. Furniture shopping and hotdog eating at Ikea woohoo!
20. Sleepover with my Cheese and Pig!!!!!
21. Traipsing randomly around Chinatown with Caits! (Mochi and HK dessert yums!)
22. Kbox & aud prep with Ryn
23. Cable ski 
24. Cousins’ outing! 

Okay I am feeling very excited now.

Wheeeee I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

But first, to jump over the big gaping ravine that is EVIDENCE. Pbblt.


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3 responses to “i like ta move it move it.

  1. debonaire

    I know the feeeeling!!! Your list looks fab + interesting yo. Next Sem I got 8 credit Evidence. ARGHH.

  2. rachel

    hahaha SERIOUSLY? i can give u muggers. XD

    i don’t think i’ll get to do everything on my list though!! :( I don’t even have 24 free days in the hols!! Internship. Boohoooo.

  3. zz

    and when ur exam ends, my exams start. hahaha sigh.

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