apple, you suck.

My black Mac just died an hour ago. With my presentation for tomorrow and 8th draft of my Comparative Consti essay inside.

Please, God, let the data be recoverable.



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5 responses to “apple, you suck.

  1. your wife

    o. hahaha.

  2. cheryl

    what on earth
    how come your mac experiences so jialat rach
    then how you type your privacy exam
    .. i’m backing up tonight
    i hope your data is recoverable too!
    maybe you should email your prof to mitigate any damage!

  3. rachel

    i have an extra computer, thankfully.
    the data’s recoverable, but the apple people copied the alias instead of the folder itself, my god. so i don’t have my data. and the computer’s in god knows which repair centre now. i might be able to get it by tomorrow but it’s not very optimistic.
    my privacy notes and my ccl presentation omggggg. i emailed my ccl prof already, hope he won’t get angry. i really want to curse and swear now.

  4. nx

    aiyohz, u really v poor thing sia. ><

  5. Caits

    OH. So that’s what the picture means.

    DONT WORRY, after this the dawn.


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