[On how ideas of privacy have shifted and mutated over time]
Anyone who wants a vivid example can visit the ruins of Ephesus, where the modern tourist can set himself down on one of the numerous ancient toilet seats in a public hall where well-to-do Ephesians gathered to commune, two thousand years ago, as they collectively emptied their bowels.
[Footnote: For a discussion of communal defecation in Greco-Roman antiquity, governed by some complex social and even legal rules, see … For a tourist guide, see Ephesos: Der Neue Fuhrer.] 

Talking about salaries is not quite like defecating in public, but it can seem very off-putting to many Europeans nevertheless. 

You know you’re stressed (and probably extremely deprived to boot) when reading this in a 70-page article makes you burst out in uncontrollable laughter.


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