do re mi.

I found the ENTIRE Moulin Rouge piano score – the original one to boot – and promptly got sidetracked.
Spent the WHOLE FREAKING DAY playing all my favourite songs.

Okay perhaps ‘playing’ is the wrong word; mangling probably better describes it. 

I squinted at El Tango De Roxanne for about an hour and a half and finally gave up when I hit the penultimate page. There were 8 pages or something, full of strange chords. 
My wrists were aching I tell you.
But I WILL master it. Someday. Hopefully within the next two years? LOL. Sorry lah ppl’s sight reading sucks cannot ah!
Actually I’m not even sure why I’m having so much trouble with that score. Come What May looks significantly more difficult but it was okay. HUM.

I feel like playing piano again.
Must. Concentrate!


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3 responses to “do re mi.

  1. nx

    OMG!!! where did u find it? haha, u r tempting ME to start on the piano again as well.

  2. rachel

    u want u want??? i can send u!

  3. nx

    please and thank you babe! :)

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