7 memorable things about the trip:

1. Flying the A380
Yes I flew it to Japan, but that was in the trial run stages where the toilets were annoyingly noisy and the headrests were weird protruding things that stuck straight into the back of my head. Today’s flight was the most comfy in a long time and service on board was excellent. :) We sat in the upper deck too! So excitings.

2. Camping in winter
I cannot say that I enjoyed it, but it was an experience that I would gladly repeat (but only for good reason, e.g. having mass celebrated by the Pope). It was an uncomfortable though not unbearable night. Apparently CNN reported that night as being ‘bitterly cold’. Lol. It wasn’t bitterly cold. It was a shivery sort of cold. ‘Bitterly cold’ would be more appropriate for what I experienced waiting for my coach on top of the mountain in Switzerland. Haha. I traded my thermal sleeping bag for a housemate’s normal one cos he didn’t have one and had only one layer on his legs. Garang, wot?! It was something of a feat to clutch heatpacks and pull the sleeping bag closed around my body at the same time. 

3. Mass celebrated by the Pope!
I was positively excited about this – it was the whole reason I decided to go despite my misgivings about exceeding personal holy limits – but ended up snoozing a bit through his sermon cos I was so damn tired. The parts that I did hear were definitely worth camping overnight for though! 

4. The Rectangle of Trust
Apartment 41 is an incredibly gossipy apartment and we convene every night to grill random members of the apartment (actually we usually focus on one extremely unwilling member of the apartment). :D Not a particularly holy activity, but very very fun.

5. Catechesis
I dunno what the difference between catechism and catechesis is, but my conclusion is that catechism is for those who haven’t done confirmation, and catechesis is for those who have. LOL. Like graduate already = catechesis. Basically a difference in form but not substance. The 3rd day’s catechesis was really good. Bishop Cremin is such a dear old man. My dream grandpa. Hahaha! He gave me a very tight hug. Jojo got a kiss for giving him a badge. Grins. So cute!

6. Adoration
I never thought I’d be happy sitting around staring at the Blessed Sacrament, but it turned out to be my fave activity. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not because I like to sit there and koon! There’s something about the presence of the Eucharist that makes me feel like the Holy Spirit is truly present and not just hovering around like a great hulking dispassionate gargoyle. 

When we woke up to certain neighbours chanting “Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!” at the crack of dawn: “Shut up lah, praise God in silence!” 
When we wanted to squeeze through the crowd during the Hillsongs concert: “你们要前进吗? 我可以踏在人家的脚上前进。 我在 Zouk 的时候每次这样做。”
One cold morning: “It was so cold last night I slept with my legs together. And now my balls hurt!” 

8. Bras & other lingerie
One of our housemates is a real prude. :D

9. Lack of sleep
I don’t believe that I’ve managed to sleep more than 5-6h every night since the 13th when we flew off. Considering that I generally require 8h sleep to function, I think the fact that I’ve survived this long – and only have a minor sore throat – is truly due to God’s grace.

10. GOD.
He was with us in Sydney, and that’s the first time I’ve truly felt that He was there. :)

I loved this trip. I love my housemates especially. The two gallant men who always let us girls shower first even though we took much longer than they did, and of course the three pretty girls who are so different and yet perfect in their own way! :D

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One response to “WYD SYD ’08

  1. joanna

    HAHAH not to mention the housemate had a pair of jeans with holes in them??

    oh you forgot the “Charms, are we rotating?” ahhaha.

    hehe i think sydney was fun too!! But God is with us no matter where we may be =D

    oh yeah!! the kiss!!! kekekek…cute old bishop!!

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