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sticks and stones.

This is one of those nights that I just want to stone at a wall and not sleep.

Grrrr. All you annoying thoughts, please go away.

On a happier note, I start Pilates tomorrow. That’s something to look forward to. :D
Maybe after a year or so I’ll look like Wong Li Lin. (Hur hur.) 

Tell me I’m only dreaming.


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Standing in void decks at wee hours of night always gives me the urge to shout random things in hokkien. Hahahahaha. I is evil.
Caitlin’s expression was priceless when I told her, “Eh, let’s shout ‘Ki lai ah! Tee khng liao!! *insert rooster noise*”
:D :D :D

Friday nights with Caits and Brudder are love. :)
Completely agenda-less and super random with lots of walk, talk, food and shopping.

Yay. I love my friends!


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pepper lunch.

I jawdropped at two pieces of news today.

The sheer hypocrisy!!! And the unfairness of it all! It makes my blood boil.

Anyway, yes, life goes on.
And I have no regrets :)

I feel like saying something very cheem and thought-provoking and poignant but I think that would be very ostentatious. Wahahaha. Actually I’m just too shag to think of anything adequate.

And to all those who understood, thank you. :)

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I’ve got a cupboard full of lemons, and a pitcher filled with sugar;
All the flour in the world, but no one to make the batter.

I talked to someone who made me feel better.
Perhaps it’s not so much that misery loves company, but that misery needs something to feel sorry for so it can stop feeling sorry for itself.

Move forward and not in circles.


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There were never any fireworks in the sky.

There was only

The gloom of thunderhead gray and ice white sparks that shattered the sky.

There was only


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wrongness. this is it.

My best friend is the proud author of the following children’s books:

Wake up, Dick!
Dick makes headway
Dick gets himself into a tight spot
Dick is in a hard place
Dick has a bumpy ride
Come, Dick, come!


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i heart japan.

There are 2 countries in the world I could have an eternal love affair with – Italy and Japan.

Where the modern and the historic not only co-exist peaceably but complement each other. Absolutely fab.

I indulged in many guilty pleasures this trip. Whoowee. Which I shall not broadcast on a public blog.
And to answer your question, NO, I did not go to a host club, and NO, I had nothing to do with porn! Though I did take a peek at the porn section in a video store. Hahaha! I find it amazing that people there brazenly shop around for porn mags and vids. It’s refreshing and horrifying at the same time.

Toilet bowls have a mind of their own, one actually opened in slow-mo like a scene from a horror movie. Another one (i think it was faulty) gave me the shock of my life when it started helping me wash my butt without me pressing any buttons. Beware the Japanese toilet bowl. Grins. I quite like the fact that the toilet seats are heated, however. Sitting on a cold toilet seat in winter is an absolute drag!

And, Yubari melons are YUMMY.
They are now my absolute fave fruit. You ain’t eaten a melon until u’ve had a Yubari!!! No shit.

One last thing.
I LOVE JAPANESE SOFT CREAM! i.e. Macdonalds ice cream. Grins.
They have all sorts of weird flavours, like Pink Moss and Lavender and Squid Ink.
My fave is still Lavender. Yums! They even have a six-taste one in Otaru. That one was definitely yums too! ;D

Okay, work begins tomorrow. :(
Flames to dust, lovers to friends, why do all good things come to an end?


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