paddle pop yay.

I am going to get a bicycle.
One of those cute things with a huge basket in front to put shopping in, or alternatively, where my dog can sit since I dunno how to balance with him running alongside. he’s too old to keep up with a bicycle anyway.

Randomly: This is where to get the moste excellente durians and durian puffs/mousse/cakes (basically it depends on what the owner felt like making that day):
41 Telok Kurau Road. 
The shop doesn’t have a signboard. It’s next to this JK Don place with a yellow signboard and looks like a disreputable little durian store. I’m not sure if the address is correct, basically just go down Telok Kurau until you see JK Don/stacks of durians lah! It’s near East Shore Hospital if I’m not mistaken. They open only at night, fyi.

It beats Goodwood’s durian confectionery flat, so please go and try. :D No preservatives summore!

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