fast forward.

Life truly is a fleeting thing.
Everyone mouths that phrase, but I’ve only come to realise how very true that is now.
It’s only when the status quo has been upended for the first time that u realise how very impermanent status quo truly is.

Sure, the world changes every day. The sun comes up and sets. The moon gleams cold at night in its place.
Even if loved one’s are not within reach – be it physically or mentally – they’re always there. They’re always part of the status quo.

And of course there’s nothing that one can do to preserve the status quo.
One simply makes the best he can with today’s status quo so he does not live to regret tomorrow’s.

I regret I did not make more of yesterday’s status quo.
But I will do right with today’s. And for all the tomorrows to come.

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  1. Caits

    Dear gal!!!
    I agree with carpe diem. But sometimes I think that one does not realize the opportunity before oneself until it is gone.
    So don’t be too hard on yourself. ^^
    Go go Rach Gan!
    Show them what you got woo hoo!

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