i say saikang u say warrior.

Post-exam freedom ended rather abruptly today for all us suckers who started interning today. ;p

As far as I know there are 7. Probably more. It won’t be long before Raffles Place is flooded with noobie yr 2s.

All the SWs unite!


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4 responses to “i say saikang u say warrior.

  1. piggypoo

    saikang…saikang.. saikang.. ^^ hmm…still interning is better than mugging for papers.. >.<..

  2. rachel

    I agree totally. O.O how many more papers u have left?

  3. Caits

    Thanks for taking the time yest for all that.
    I love u loads!
    I am truly grateful to have friends like you.
    I just realized I forgot to hug u yest.
    see ya soon!

  4. piggypoo

    haha! my paper havent started lo. It starts on 11th June..and ends 18th June! booya. then I get to play abit.. but till then… SIGH.

    Too many assignments man..too many. wayyyy tooo many. -_-

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