tuan yuan fan.

There wasn’t a reunion dinner per se.
We went as a single nuclear unit to My Humble House! (I got to try it. Finally.)

The food was good, and the ambience/service even better.
They had really kinky high-backed chairs with red tassels which I was too paiseh to snap pics of. ;p

My attempts at teaching Daddy to smile… FAIL. Hahahaha!!!

Mom and I, however, are naturals. What can I say? Heh!

Happy times =)) Wheeeeeeeeeeee.

And just to be random: My Chinese New Year nails. WAHAHAHAHA.

I tried to do the Louboutin manicure.
It’s not as easy as it looks, to achieve a semblance of red I had to paint THREE coats on the underside of my nail. =p
And, in natural light, it’s not all that obvious.
The messiness involved + the lack of obvious redness = I am not doing it again!!!


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5 responses to “tuan yuan fan.

  1. aemille


    And I love the manicure!

  2. nx

    nice nails!!!! do them for meeee. hahaha. gong xi fa cai!!!

  3. victoria

    hey rach!! Y no tag board!!! enjoying cny hor!!

  4. rachel

    CC: i just tried cleaning out the red undersides today and am not loving it. =p my fingers look like they’ve been dipped in red food colouring!!!

    NX: read above HAHAHA u still want me to do for u?

    Victoria: Sort of, but now got fever so not enjoying it so much. =p hahahaha. and no tag board cos I don’t like! heh!

  5. mian

    rach! you look super skinny!!!

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