I don’t know why, but staying at home makes me feel unmotivated.

And going to school makes me distracted since I’m distracted by everything and anything.


I think I shall curl up in bed with Merryman.



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9 responses to “littlemisscontrary.

  1. zz

    and u will sleep with one Merryman in ur arms. hahaha ok that sounds wrong.

  2. rachel

    LOL. that sounds as scandalous as valda van pott’s black stockings!

  3. 16 LaSalle St

    Merry Man merry Christmas!
    Merry Man marry Merry Chistmas.
    Eat, drink and be a Merry Man!
    Merry Merry what’s your story.

  4. zz

    u know how to make it sound more wrong? if i say this.: ” one Merry man”

    haha 1 space makes the difference =)

  5. rachel

    thanks ah brahder? lolz.

  6. rachel

    this post seems to be actively misconstrued. LOLZ.
    no my dear jo no merry men!!!!!
    only one merryman!

  7. zz

    haha yeah scandalous. now its Merry MEN. haha you having a whole lot of time with tradition! haha

  8. rachel

    the scandals don’t end. LOL.

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