Law school is a really competitive place.
A competitive place filled with competitive people.

I don’t know why, but it makes me feel very sad.
Healthy competition is one thing, but sometimes I feel like it gets out of hand in law.
Getting back our prop assignments kinda illustrated the getting-out-of-hand concept.

Sometimes, I really dunno what to think anymore.
How now, brown cow?



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4 responses to “complicated.

  1. 16 LaSalle St

    Is the milk that the brown cow gives brown?
    If so, does that mean one can make milk chocolate directly from it?

  2. py!

    frustration!! dont be stressed. -hugs- seriously, just ignore those people.
    i havent checked this blog for so long and when i do i see depressing posts! ):
    will you be there for lawMAD?!!

  3. rachel

    to caits:
    yah the milk is brown. but tts coz ít’s chocolate milk.
    cannot make milk chocolate one. HAHAHAHAHA.

    to py:
    i don’t think i’ll be at lawmad. lol. u have fun! =))

  4. zz

    haha sounds like this post is about me! haha sorry for appearing so sian diao that day. I bounced back the next day didnt I? haha so hopefully that didnt demoralise you in law school too much!

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