Everytime I make an effort to wake up earlier, I always end up in school later. =p

It’s so loserish.

A great case in point: today. 
I woke at 9am. Lect’s at 10.30.
So I thought to myself, yayness, I actually have fifty minutes to prepare!
But somehow, I never realise that 20min more isn’t really all that substantial.
Especially when I’m slowly going through the morning ablutions instead of rushing through them at top speed like I do when I’m late.

And, for some strange reason, at 10am, I was thinking to myself, ahhhh. I’m early. If I leave at 10.15 I’ll still be early for school!
Then it struck me at 10.08am. LECTURE IS AT 10.30.

Which meant I was going to be damnbloodylate.

My only consolation was that I was only 7min late for lecture. =p
Yay driving.

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  1. You know, I do the exact same thing. So, to avoid being late, I get up as late as possible and rush around like a madwoman. It seems to work for me.

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