Kopi Shop Rock ROCKED.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

All you suckers who didn’t buy tix pls go suck thumb in a corner now!




Filed under random rants

3 responses to “laughtercaffeine.

  1. joanna

    i buy but nv go so also must suck thumb?? =( hahaha

  2. caits

    i buy only go for half an hour also need to suck thumb. =((

  3. rachel

    jo: tt one different! u had the mens rea to go. no actus rea only. HAHAHA. nt yr fault u’re sick what!

    caits: -.- yrs alr got actus rea lor. inchoate only. grins. plus u had a noble motive for leaving early. LOL.

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