That was my mood all day.

Despite the fact that I answered stupidly in prop tute.

I got a piece of excellent news (which cured my latent antsiness), and there were sprinkles (major ones!) again today.

Oh my gawd I feel like a pervert.


Filed under random rants, totally high

3 responses to “=)

  1. joanna

    is the news something to do with the audition? and waht sprinkles??

  2. nina

    keep forgetting to change your link. hahaha. what pervert? Got good info must share! BTW arh. my bro tried your chicken rice seasoning that your mom left in front of me the other day. To get the most of your money he put like… 6 cups of rice and everything came out … like normal rice and tasteless chicken. Whaha. Random fact of the day. Just to let you know. XD have a happy high!

  3. rachel

    LOL why yr bro nv follow instructions!!!
    i shall tell u when u come online mwahahahaha indeed gd info must be shared HOHO!

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