Despite the fact that I pumped full-tank on Sunday, I HAVE ALREADY USED UP HALF A TANK OF PETROL.
And it’s only WEDNESDAY.


I think I should ease up on the accelerator.


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5 responses to “tank.

  1. nina

    sorry lah lol. must be me again…

  2. 16 LaSalle St

    Eh. Maybe cuz i drove it that day.

  3. rachel

    nina: no leh i don’t think it’s u. o.o

    c: NO LAH! faints. i gt the feeling it’s cos of e traffic jam i was in tt day. hahaha. either that, or my tank is leaking. =p

  4. Piggypoo

    Power petrol consumer!! hmm..gomeh..i have no idea wad takes up petrol *blonde grin* vroom vroom.. man..u shld try the slopes here..really fun ^^. They kill your breaks thou..>.<

  5. rachel

    HAHAHA i think i’d rather not. grins.
    i’ve seen the slopes in perth, if they’re ath like it i don’t feel like drivin.
    Give me the ECP any day XD

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