The partnership agreement of Rachel & Fungi LLP is set out as follows.

 1. — All files used for the firm’s purposes shall be pink in colour.
2. — All stationery used within the firm’s premises or brought into the firm by its staff must be pink in colour.
3. — The firm’s vehicle shall be a white convertible with pink wheels driven by a very hunky man.

The aftermath of too much Company.


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6 responses to “partnership.

  1. py!

    how might you be! (: im stuck in some econs lect now and feeeling really bored.
    we’re doing “the LAW of demand” now. grins.
    anyway we totally should meet up. bern and you can go tear tissues at crystal jade together. (: (:

  2. rachel

    Hahaha the LAW of demand.
    moot on it!!!

    And yessss bern was saying the same thing the other day!!
    when when? =D

  3. py!

    i’ve got fridays freee.
    and haha i was with her when she typed that to you!

  4. rachel

    fridays… dinner? =D
    we only have one company lec from 3.30 to 5.15, but i’ve got fcg before that from 1.

    and- omg no wonder lah.
    i was wondering how come u and bern so psychic.
    cheh! hahahahaha.

  5. py!

    hahaha. i kind of told her that then she typed it out.
    and no, psychic with her is scaryyyy.
    i’d prefer lunch really. friday dinners = crowd!

  6. @ndre

    somehow, it’s quite amusing trying to picture the fungiman in a white convertible with pink wheels.

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